About Us

KONOHANA Head Office
  •  Corporate Name      KONOHANA Co., Ltd.
  •  Representative Director  Kei Mori
  •  Address          10-2 Ishigatsuji-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0031 Japan
                   TEL:+81-6-6772-0471 FAX:+81-6-6772-3793
  •  Capital          48,000,000 JPY
  •  Establishment       June7,1950
  •  Operating Base      Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, Fukuoka Office, Nara Factory


  •  Osaka Head Office
  •  Address     10-2 Ishigatsuji-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka,
              543-0031 Japan
  •  TEL      +81-6-6772-0471
  •  FAX      +81-6-6772-3793
  • • From Tsuruhashi Station (JR Kanjo Line). : Office is located 100m south (about a 3 minute walk) from the Nisseki (Red Cross) Hospital adjacent to the station.
  • • FromUehonmachi Station (Kintetsu Line): Office is located 300m southeast (about a 6 minute walk) from the station.
  • • FromTanimachi Kyu-chome Station (Tanimachi Subway Line): Office is located 500m east (about a 10 minute walk) from the station via Uehonmachi Roku-chome.

  •  Tokyo Office
  •  Address     633 Angyo Kitaya, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
              334-0054 Japan
  •  TEL      +81-48-446-7214
  •  FAX      +81-48-291-7300
  • • FromSoka Station (Tobu Isesaki Line): Take a bus to Angyou Dewa (bus number 草14(So-14), about a 15 minute ride). Get off at Angyou Kitaya Chuo bus stop. The office is a 5 minute walk from the bus stop.

  •  Fukuoka Office
  •  Address     2-12-16 Takasago, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
              810-0011 Japan
  •  TEL      +81-92-521-0481
  •  FAX      +81-92-521-9664
  • • FromHirao Station (Nishitetsu Line): The office is a 10 minute walk east from the station. • FromHakata Station, take a bus on line 69 or 69-1.
  • Get off at Nanokawa Eki Ni-chome (about a 1 minute walk from the office) , or Takasago Ni-chome (about a 3 minute walk from the office).

Company History

  • 1928  Kiyoshi Mori, company founder, establishes Mori Rankei Seisaku-sho.
  • 1945  The factory burns down during the war.
  • 1946  Mori Rankei Seisaku-sho changes its name to KONOHANA Kinzoku Kogyo-sho and restores the war-damaged factory.
        The factory resumes operations.
  • 1950  KONOHANA Kinzoku Kogyo-sho demutualizes and changes its name to KONOHANA Rankei Kogyo Co., Ltd. The head office
        moves to the current location.
  • 1961  The new head office and factory are built at the current location.
  • 1965  KONOHANA Kiko Co., Ltd. is established as an affiliated company to expand production of company-developed machines
        for printing and binding.
  • 1966  KONOHANA Rankei Kogyo Co., Ltd. changes its name to KONOHANA Co., Ltd. The Tokyo Office is established
        as an operating base for the Tokyo, Kanto and Tohoku areas.
  • 1969   A new company dormitory and a new factory are built in Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara-ken.
  • 1971  KONOHANA Co., Ltd. begins technical cooperation with Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. and introduces new zincate
        processing equipment.
  • 1972  KONOHANA Co., Ltd. consolidates its affiliated company, KONOHANA Kiko Co., Ltd. and capitalizes the company at
        48 million yen.
  • 1973  The Printmaking Section is established and begins operation.
  • 1974  Production in the Ikuno Factory is increased. The equipment for the Printmaking Section is expanded. The Tokyo Office is
        moved and expanded.
  • 1975  Ikuno Factory develops a new model.
  • 1983  KONOHANA Co., Ltd. separates the Printmaking Section and makes it an independent company under the name
        Saibi Co., Ltd.
  • 1984  President Kiyoshi Mori dies.
  • 1984  The Fukuoka Office is established in August to quickly address the business expansion in the Kyushu area.
  • 1986  Masaru Mori assumes the position of company president.
  • 1987  Saibi Co., Ltd. changes its name to KONOHANA Seihan Jigyo-bu, and Tadashi Tanaka becomes its president.
  • 1997  KONOHANA Co., Ltd. begins business cooperation with the SARL Pierre CALLET in France.
  • 1998  The Tokyo Office moves in December.
  • 2000  KONOHANA Co., Ltd. runs an exhibition in January in the Osaka Head Office and Tokyo Office. This exhibition is now
        run yearly.
  • 2004  KONOHANA Co., Ltd. Signs a marketing alliance with ERB Corporation in Germany for drill bits.
  • 2009  The Tokyo Office moves to Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken in September.